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In Light Of - This is a vertical frame of an image I posted a few years ago. Looking back at the scene, there were a few frames that I felt could work on their own. This was one of them. I quite enjoyed the play of light and shadow between the sea of Saguaro cacti and the glowing cliffs. The slight snow didn't hurt either. One of my favorite spots to escape to out west.

The contrast in the mountains is so beautiful.

ArtStation - Hanging Gardens of Ninive, 700 BC, J.R. Casals. Illustration depicting an ideal reconstruction of Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, located in the city of Ninive according to the most recent investigations. Made for the historical magazine Arqueología e Historia DespertaFerro nº 10 "Babilonia y los Jardines Colgantes".

assemble's brutalist playground at the vitra design museum