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i probably shouldn't have laughed so hard about lucius' face there- but dear god- it won't stop.

Can't say no to a yo momma joke...

27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Funny pictures about Yo momma is so fat. Oh, and cool pics about Yo momma is so fat. Also, Yo momma is so fat.

Not true. Rowling herself said there was no relation to this snake and Nagini. Nagini is a species of Viper and the snake in the zoo is a Boa Constrictor.

Harry Potter humor. Because Voldy Moldy carries every resemblance to a teenage girl. :) he even looks like some of them.

Funny pictures about Like a teenage girl. Oh, and cool pics about Like a teenage girl. Also, Like a teenage girl photos.


Love Harry always but elijahs comment was funny to and either way if either of them gets mistaken for each other its still a compliment lol. They should be grateful that the person they are mistaken for isnt an actor no one likes.

Sure. Of course. Y not

Oh Emma Watson. I absolutely love her. And equally despised both her character and her hair in the first Harry Potter movie.

Debatable for the History major @Kari Hardy I had to Nerd out at work for all these Harry Potter ones lol Enjoy!

Ha ha, I mean this is true, but that's because there are a lot more pages and details to american history than hp. I've read all of hp, it would be very difficult to read all of american history. Plus I'm not a fan of history

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