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Percy would be THE SASSIEST mean girl character. "nice wig, what's it made of?" "YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR!"

Just accept it, Jason: Percy Jackson is a better boyfriend than you'll ever be to Piper. Why cant jason just go kiss his little brick friend lol

......... At least Annabeth was blonde....... Right?.... no.... not really... it was really darkish blonde....

Actually I think the Sea of Monsters movie was more accurate than the lightening thief movie. At least Annabeth was blond.----- I hate them both but yes, I think the Sea of Monsters was more accurate

monsiearts: Piper McLean (c) Rick Riordan Took me only a couple of hours!

"monsiearts: Piper McLean (c) Rick Riordan Took me only a couple of hours!" Wow look at her eyes tho, they're just how I thought they would be

Percy by Sandra-13

Hey Percy I love you. It actually turned out really good, I'm improving my water color skills Though next time I should paint on actual water color pape.

Image from http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/289/a/b/piper_mclean_by_isabella13lack-d6qpt74.jpg.

I apologize for the dreadful quality but ya. Pipes was bomb in House of Hades, even though it was a short part Piper Mclean