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(25) Twitter

(25) Twitter

Un día sin inmigrantes

Isolda Peguero on

Un día sin inmigrantes

Betwixt and between..............

light filters through the smoke, pink and bright and painful. a woman lies beside her, nude and cold, someone she doesn't recognise. she takes a hit, and doesn't care.

Strange Beams Of Light Captured in August 2015 In Italy, Mexico, the US and around the world! What are they?

"I inquired to sheriff Allen as to what those strange beams of light coming out of the sky were, he replied that Pink Floyd was putting on a 'Laser Space Show'. Will require further investigation.

Top 25 Perfectly Timed Funny Photos

If Motorcycles Existed During the Victorian-Era, it Would Probably Look Like This Steampunk Creation

Here Are 18 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men... -   (oh Fuq!)

Why women live longer than men link! This is the most lit&legit thing I've ever seen in my life.

Dinosaurs!....pretty much all the dinosaurs ever discovered....give or take a couple of bones.

pretty much all the dinosaurs ever discovered.give or take a couple of bones. Triceratops is my favorite!