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Clockwork Angels released 2012

Clockwork Angels released 2012

sweet album art for Clockwork Angels is the nineteenth studio album by Rush.

Symbols on the new RUSH album (Clockwork Angels). What do the RUSH symbols mean? Hello, Can you tell me what the symbols on the new RUSH album are? I am a big fan of the rock band RUSH. They always have symbols in their album covers.

Clockwork Angels #Rush

Interesting Rush picture for "Clockwork Angels" IMHO, the best Rush album ever!

Rush Hersheypark Stadium Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canadian legends Rush promote their twenty-some studio album, Clockwork Angels

"If you harm the my bodyguard in any way I will kill myself, is that clear?" Princess Soliel still had her dagger pinned on her chest. "I am the person that you need, not her."

Theressa Gripped the dagger tighter in her hand, be brave, she told herself. She turned to face Thomas in the crowd, he looked horrified. "I love you" She whispered. Then with one last defiant look at the queen, Theressa plunged the knife into her chest