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Life Is Sweet #Macarons #concept #packaging designed by @SoNiceDesign ​ - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2015/04/life-is-sweet-macarons-concept.html

Life Is Sweet Macarons (Concept)

Concept design for the logo, branding, and identity of Life Is Sweet Macaroons designed by SoNice Design Studio.

Felice Festa Branding

Felice Festa on Branding Served. Who doesn't like a cute bear on product packaging and . Logo and Identity for creative children’s party service in Moscow PD


La plus grosse sélection de packaging vintage !

Lucky Layla Farms Packaging, graphic design and typography by Jay Ressler Design for the brand identity of Lucky Layla Farms. "Lucky Layla Farms is a sma

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Caskers Selection: Bib & Tucker 6 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey - Caskers

Tealicious designed by Alvarez Juana

Tealicious merchandise and take-out supplies are framed around a luscious botanical garden. // Pinned by Dauphine Magazine x Castlefield - Curated by Castlefield Bridal Company & Branding Atelier

CopperMuse Distillery Rum Neck Label - designed by Emrich Office curated by Packaging Diva PD. More beautiful packaging work.

when i think of rum i think pirates not fun colors and shapes. however this bottle design makes me think the high class drinks rum so good job the diamond label and color work well despite the product

Wine bottles cleverly designed with the same colors as Homer and Marge #dailymail

Wine bottles cleverly designed with the same colors as Homer and Marge

Homer & Marge Simpson Wine Bottle Designs by Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich (inspired by the grid-like artworks of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian)

Creative Type-centric Milk Package Design  --- Again, a great retro feel for modern package design. It is laid out in a clear and readable way and easy to understand. Nice colors as well, especially when it comes to milk.

Lucky Layla Farms (Student Work)

Lucky Layla Farms packaging - It’s ironic, the way that old fashion can be considered in fashion. Well Lucky Layla Farms packaging successfully employs this aesthetic tech.