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Outreach material | Official website of UN World Wildlife Day

People are responsible for all the creatures that live on earth. There is too many species that are at risk from human activities. We have to start protecting animals before its too late.

INFOGRAPHIC: Endangered animals from around the world | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

INFOGRAPHIC: Endangered animals from around the world

Xochitl Pliego- Because of human greed and monetary gain animals are endangered. This is due to poaching and deforestation. This infographic shows quantitative data to represent the endangered animals of the world.

WATCH: Cows Kicked, Beaten, and Hanged at Massive Dairy Factory Farm

20 Animal Cruelty Charges Filed After Undercover MFA Video Taken at Canada& Largest Dairy - Mercy For Animals

The Bull Who Cried… if only people realized that every animal should not be taken to saluter houses, and they they shouldn't' have to cry to convince them

The Bull Who Cried…

They are living beings that deserve to live!

This shows how animals are used for their meat or skin due to a lot of humans wanting money, a lot of the things shown here are just animals saying how they aren't there for our own use to abuse them.

You can't live animals & Eat them Too.

Are animals your friends? You can not answer "yes" because you wouldn't eat your friends. I eat veggies and fruits. You eat body parts. Plz stop making your body a tomb for other beings. Go veggie!