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Test de paternidad. #humor #risa #graciosas #chistosas #divertidas

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Humor negro, del bueno. - Taringa!

Humor negro, del bueno.

Funny pictures about Listen to your heart. Oh, and cool pics about Listen to your heart. Also, Listen to your heart photos.

Ropa interior transparente

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Cyanide and Happiness - testicular elephantitis

...twenty six years ago.

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I've drawn portraits... of everyone in the whole world!... This guy is a genius

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Well then.

Word-Specific Example: The comic demonstrates a word specific combination of picture and words as the pictures only enhance what is being conveyed.

I gotta sign for you, it says "Idiot".

God delivers the results of the STD test.

Spend time with the one you are with ... unless you are happy being alone with your phone.  (I hate when people spend all their time texting when we are supposed to be spending time together).

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Happy Halloween from SoCast! ( VIA

Beware the bloody bananas, kids.

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I am the genie of the lamp, and I have come to grant you three wishes! What is thy first wish?" "More wishes!" "A genie can only grant three wishes. This is the law." "More Genies!

Nobody likes Spider-man at metal shows.

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