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Just do it!

Yeah, I'm in that 14 minute mile group. Eventually, I will be in the 7 mile group or closer to it, but I'll still take the 14 minute mile

Why do I run! It's who I am. Its what I do!     I Am A Runner!

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It's not bragging when I tell you how many miles I ran today. It's so you don't judge me when I devour the whole bag of chips.

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First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn. Feel like that a lot on my long runs and especially during marathon.

Haha. I do this but instead I run around  the parking lot at the track after I have ran the track.

You know you're a runner when you run up and down a street three or four times to get that last of a mile in on your garmin! ---we'll not my Garmin but my running app lol

I'd get enough exercise chasing *after* it.

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This is for my mile run tomorrow morning!

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Keep running - I really need this motivation! I just started running again today.and I'm usually not good at maintaining exercise.