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Amazing! A human Spirograph.

“A series of bilateral drawings in which the artist explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course” Art by Tony Orrico

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Funny pictures about Anatomically correct art. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomically correct art. Also, Anatomically correct art.

Carved crayons.

Attribution for these astonishing works has been lost in the compilation process. First, international currency symbols by Diem Chau. Second, crayons carved into the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac, also by Diem Chau.

Now This Is Art:

Now This Is Art

creates stunningly detailed drawings bursting with life Um what? WTF man I want to be able to draw!

Tony Orrico, Penwald: 2: 8 circles: 8 gestures

View Penwald 2 8 circles 8 gestures by Tony Orrico on artnet. Browse more artworks Tony Orrico from Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

Amazing animal paper cut outs using nature | Incredible Snaps

Nikolai Tolstyh takes photos of paper animal silhouettes in a natural setting. The combination is surprisingly perfect: the surroundings provide both color for the cutout and a scene to frame the animal.

Recycled art foundation  SIMPLY FANTASTIC!...Check out this fantastic sculpture of a Gorilla using recycled pencils...by RLR to promote Los Angeles zoo

19 Not Normal Uses For Everyday Things

Funny pictures about Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils. Oh, and cool pics about Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils. Also, Sculpture Of A Gorilla Made From Colored Pencils photos.