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01008716  LA PAMELA DE MAMÁ   Año de lanzamiento: 2013  Escultor: José Santaeulalia  Medidas: 21x11 cm

Dress up Time Girl Figurine

Lladro Porcelain Figurine Dress Up Time!

Милое девичье | Испанский фарфор LLADRO. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

Nature has been a source of inspiration for Lladró artists and helps them to enhance and underline characteristics of human beings, and their reflections on man's place in the world.


Lovers In The Park - Bridal and Romance Lladro 01001274 Glazed Hojas de Otono a/k/a Fall Leaves

01006963  AMIGA DE LAS MARIPOSAS   Año de lanzamiento: 2003  Escultor: Alfredo Llorens  Medidas: 21x8 cm               	    	 		 		          	 			 			 		 		 		 		 	    	      	Año de lanzamient...

Friend of The Butterflies Girl Figurine

Lladro Porcelain Figurine, Friend of the Butterflies. Little girl with butterflies on her dress. Lladro creations are celebrations of life.

LLADRO - SPRING  Available at Houston Jewelry

Spring Girl Figurine

Size: Lladro creations are celebrations of life. This is the Lladro circle of life, offering a great variety of subjec

LLADRO - AN ELEGANT TOUCH    Issue Year:   2002    Sculptor:   José Santaeulalia

An Elegant Touch Girl Figurine

01008168  TALK TO ME!   Issue Year: 2005  Sculptor: Virginia González  Size: 22x14 cm

Talk to Me Girl Figurine

Lladro, "Talk To Me" from Lladro Christmas Whimsical series

Kitty's breakfast time, Lladro Время завтрака Китти

Buy Lladró Classic Figurines Kitty's Breakfast Time at Mulberry Hall - This one of the best looking kittens that I've seen in Lladro, but I don't think the little girl is so cute.

old child's squirrel shelf

squirrel shelf This shelf reminds me of Grandpa B's elephant chair.