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Chile Puerto Natales spectacular lenticular cloud at sunset (by Dave Curtis)

Howard, KS Supercell - Supercell near Howard, KS 05-10-14. Photography by Jay Bell

Howard, KS, Supercell - photo by Jay Bell huhhh

Arcus Storm Cloud in Nebraska by Ryan McGinnis 5

The Big Storm Picture: August Arcus Extravaganza! Just north of Kearney, Nebraska by Ryan McGinnis. I have seen a storm similar to this rolling into Pond du lac, Wisconsin.

when i was a little girl i imagine that clouds are the softest thing in the world...

jbrand jbrandjeans home wild+savant wild clouds nature beauty Black+and+White photography

Some captions say VOLCANO. However, this is not a picture of a volcano. It is a photo of the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis taken by Ryan Graff from the window of a Southwest Airlines' plane to Fort Lauderdale.

SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi [Limitless is Allah in His Glory, and all praise is due to Him alone]

magicalnaturetour: “ A Poor Man’s Memory by George Christakis ”


Storm clouds on the ocean. My Once a sailor Hubby thinks that Nature's Oceanic Art is amazing;

Amazing night storm.

Portal of Zeus Lightning storm along the Outer Banks, North Carolina (by mark Riddick)

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.Psalm Welcome home

Lightning highlights a Supercell

Super-cell Lightning, Snyder, Nebraska Under a super-cell thunderstorm, a "wall cloud" or "pedestal cloud" may form. This is frequently associated with tornadoes and micro-bursts. Here, a "cloud-to-ground" lightning bolt strikes from a wall cloud.