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This Adorable Food Blog Combines Recipes And Begging Pugs

<3 that tucked lip

I want a pug puppy for me and my 1 year old baby boy so bad!

Yes!  just look at that face!!!!!

‘Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a Pug’ I'm glad somebody made a version of this quote and remembered the apostrophe. (There is another version circulating that doesn't have one and it irritates me!

Every snack you make Every meal you bake Every bite you take I'll be watching you

Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL so funny be even funnier if the pug had on a police hat (cuz the re made song is by the police)

comis para trino ahora en san valentin igual y encuentra su media naranja jejejejeje

The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time

Pug Hearts He may be a little early for Valentine’s day, but I still love you anyway!


Check out these cute lifeguard pug costumes from the book entitled,' Pugs in Costumes.

Big pugs rock.

I like big Pugs, and I cannot lie. , That's funny.