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Asheer Akram Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative

The Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative

An interview with Kansas City sculptor Asheer Akram, who launched the Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative to shine a light on Pakistani culture.

Amazing how much art we have all around us if you just look for it. Amazing truck art in Pakistan!    From weburbanist.com

No wonder upto of East Asian kids suffer eye damage even before leaving school.

truck art - one of pakistan's more vibrant contemporary art forms. on road trips to lahore via the grand trunk road i'd while away the journey by reading the poetry that was often accompanied the detailed and intricate art work. this article provides further details http://weburbanist.com/2008/11/22/truck-art-asia-pakistan/

The under-appreciated, indigenous Pakistani tradition of truck painting has an extraordinary history, starting in the days of the Raj.

The Pakistan Truck Art tour of New Zealand by Peter Grant — Kickstarter

Peter Grant is raising funds for The Pakistan Truck Art tour of New Zealand on Kickstarter! 30 photographs, 2 galleries 600 km apart, 1 Pakistani truck artist, a classic vehicle, 300 mugs and a whole load of paint.

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