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What Your All-Time Favorite Teen TV Drama Says About Your Personality

What your favorite teen television (TV) drama says about your personality.

Why you should never engage with teenaged students when they have an audience- it's a situation you can't win

Fifth harmony funny quote

Supernatural logic

Funny pictures about Supernatural logic. Oh, and cool pics about Supernatural logic. Also, Supernatural logic.

Jensen & Jared I think I've pinned this already but it's too great.

Hahahhaha, Jared's reaction is the best part. >>> Jared's reaction and Jensen's serious face.

Behind the scenes of some AMAZING movies!

Behind the scenes of your favourite movies.

Kinda makes you look at movies differently.

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grey anatomy alex and meridith

I would laugh.

Jensen Ackles talking about being at the gym when a Supernatural Marathon was playing. I would fall flat on my face if I saw that next to me.<< I would yelp in surprise and fall into the moving treadmill

I love this scene even more now!

I love this scene even more now!

Ten Rules of Conversation for Asperger Teens - Special Needs - Families.com Must ask the school next year about starting a conversation practice group w/ non-aspie student peers next year.

Ten Rules of Conversation for Asperger Teens - Special Needs

Losing your v-card is major for a lot of girls, and an experience you’ll most likely never forget. If having sex for the first time is a big deal to you, then I’m sure you’ve spent years thinking about what it’s going to be like: planning the perfect scenario, imagining the person it will be with, basically picturing it as something out of a movie.

Quiz: Where Should You Lose Your Virginity

when you try to explain to the conductor why you dont have the orchestra music.

Haha I say this all the time when I stand in the middle of the road!

Famous the Notebook movie Quotes with Images. Cute notebook love quotes and sayings with pictures of noah for your lover. The ultimate notebook quotes.

Nobody around you is ever good enough to be around you. | The 26 Most Difficult Things About Being Completely Flawless

This kid understands how I feel

exorcise not exercise

^That comment! Dammit, Sammy, we exorcise NOT exercise!

i am unbelievably grateful for this scene and the friendship/mutual respect Cristina and Arizona had for each other

Cristina Yang & Arizona Robbins (Sandra Oh & Jessica Capshaw)

"The lady on the news just said two brothers in their mid-thirties were recently arrested for multiple counts of murder and 9 years of credit card fraud ." IT'S PERFECT!