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With all due respect, if you're going to grieve over lost lives, grieve for them all.

Truth be told...   Or if it hurts people or damages our environment...

"It is very sad to me that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world that they don't care if that mark is a scar." --- Beware of the narcissist!

There is obviously something wrong with us! -_-

As a woman who doesn't want kids I constantly get chastised for this...

Roman polanski rapes children, nobody bats an eye mel gibson states the obvious truth of jewish over-representation in Hollywood, everyone loses their minds - joker mind loss

Truth be told...

By a strange coincidence, people without guns are very unlikely to shoot anyone either.

We are taught to fear EVERYTHING when we are alone. Men are not. #YesAllWomen

Although I have to add, homosexuals (men or women or transgender or other) DO sometimes have to text eachother this also.

Tehehe... I've just made this a big joke at this point while doing our planning.

So true.not even remotely close to sending invitations but my head hurts thinking about how many invitations I will have to send.