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This is your body in love #Infographic

Love is... Valentine's Day Activity Are you looking for a fun activity for Valentine's Day? I always like to read a cute little Valentine's Day book called "Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch" and then afterwards I have students talk about what love is. We discuss that it is more than just the ooey gooey stuff that we see in movies. Then we complete this adorable little heart decorate it and hang it from the ceiling. If you want to download it free just click here! Happy Valentine's Day - and…

So that's why my boyfriends never make it through Valentine's Day...It's b/c I already have a VALENTINE!!! ;)

MU:13 | Her ImmortAL Bla.eKEMET.eKATlantean Sphinx Lion Klans of Osiris & Isis [Judah]... have SuperNaturally Returned

The lovely @fitgirl_heathernicole has organised a surprise #fitsistervalentine yayyy!! Get in quick while you still can!! For my future valentine .. 1. Jemma Walsh 2. August 3. Kitties! 4. UNICORNS 5. West Yorkshire England 6. Pretty happy things! Vanilla things! Workout things! Aaaall the things! 7. Penicillin.. but I don't think that's relevant here 8. Sunshine long walks on the beach...(JK) erm.. I like most things actually :p I'm happy with anything! 9 / 10. I already have a lot…

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