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101 Summer Activities to do with Kids

I used to live for trips to McDonald’s. The toy in the “Happy Meal” was amazing and the play place was the best! The ball pit is a favorite of so many kids. Looking back, it may not have been the cleanest place to play before eating my fries but …

Tips for Packing for Air Travel With a 3 to 7 Year Old

Plain (plane) ready, plain (plane) prepared....It is a science, isn't it? I spoke with one of my friends yesterday about her anxiety traveling with her 2 kids and husband back to New York for the holidays. And it got me thinking about wh...

Cinder - Dark Grey Knot Turban Headband for Baby Girls

2014 LATCH Changes: Don’t Panic! | guide includes new regulations by car manufacter and by carseats. Car Seats For The Littles