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Papi went on a cruise with his human

Papi went on a cruise with his human

Doris Day, animal lover... LOVE it! I want that shirt!!

Vintage photo of Doris Day a getting strong message across on behalf of all animals. (Doris Day, born in has always been an animal activist who has fought hard for the welfare of animals. Doris also founded the Doris Day Animal Welfare Foundation).

Omg. My heart. Got all emotional watching Toy Story 3.

You story!I remember Woody and that dashound/slinky toy-thing!

dogs - Guiness book of world record dog

10 of the World's Biggest Pets

George, Guinness World record holder, tallest living dog/tallest dog ever. Great Dane weighs over 245 lbs/stands 43 inches tall.

♥♥♥ dauchshund dauchshunds weenier weeniers weenie weenies hot dog hotdogs doxie doxies ♥♥♥

307 Do You Really. (Doxie) Art Card by Ed van der Hoek

Axel gives me this EXACT face when Im getting ready for work in the morning

Senior citizen

Senior citizen

sometimes i feel like that and reality bites.

superhero dachshund in a shopping cart. If I ever owned a dachshund I would name him "Edward Longshanks"