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"If guys were like girls..." must watch. This is hilarious HAHAHAH all of this is so true.

If guys were like girls. Absolutely adore this video. Funny to see how guys think girls are. Especially cuz some of it is spot on. I love how guys think it's funny that girls go to the bathroom in flocks. This is honestly hysterical. NAILED IT!

887b4f76931afae64fea0b78cdd4ecbd.jpg (306×771)

887b4f76931afae64fea0b78cdd4ecbd.jpg (306×771)

Pocahontas as a Jedi - disney-princess Photo

Jedi Disney Princess Pocahontas - White-Magician on deviantART I love all of these Jedi Princesses. Such a weird concept, but the people designing them are doing a great job at picking lightsaber forms to fit.

Disney Animator Knows The Importance Of The Eyes…

Disney Animator Knows The Importance Of The Eyes… You can see the differnce and figure ou the personality and person by looking into or at their eyes

مين بتعمل كدا

مين بتعمل كدا

Defeated: She just let it happen after a while, her tresses falling in front of her face

Easy breezy! Emma Stone falls victim to a gust of wind at Cannes