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Based on shoe size 36 Glass and beads over cement sculpture 'Sitting in her city centre office, Helen's choice of footwear was the only link to her childhood dream of becoming a princess.' Image Hone Photography

UK based artist Jonathan Fuller uses bits of wave-worn glass he’s gathered along the Cornish coastline. Beautifully gradated sea glass, embedded into cut wood panels.

Steampunk butterflies whoa! found object artist extraordinaire paula tipped me off to these supercool moth series of wall sculptures, made from repurposed objects by ohio artist michelle stitzlein. these pieces are cobbled together in the most pristine way from old piano keys, tin cans, license plates and bicycle tires, among other things.

cover an old thrift store statuette with mosaic thrift stores.,I will be on the lookout for the perfect garden statue to mosaic

Mermaid Art, Handmade Wood Mermaid, Beach House, Coastal Decor, Made to Order, Choose your Options

Made to Order Hand Made Mermaid Beach Wall Art Mixed Sea shells, Starfish, Textured Sculpture Mosaic, Signage, Sea Siren, Vintage Look

Snail Sculpture | Snail Sculpture - Handmade Stone and Steel Artwork Combines Rustic and Modern Charm

Again, I'm aghast at the $46 sticker price for ONE! But again, see this as a great Scout craft using found rocks, perhaps painted? Could reuse telephone/cable wires (who doesn't have a bunch of that laying around) or tubing.