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Diamantes en la cola del Escorpión Messier 7, también conocido como NGC 6475, es un brillante cúmulo de alrededor de 100 estrellas situado a unos 800 años luz de la Tierra, nueva imagen obtenida desde...

Messier 7 one of the most prominent open clusters of stars in the sky and one of the most highly researched

Low-sodium diet key to old age for stars

Scientists found that stars with higher sodium content weren’t undergoing their final burst of nuclear burning.

Is the Universe Speeding Away From Us?

Astronomers Measure Universe Expansion Again and Get Hints of ‘New Physics’

Sedona Skygazing Tour - Sky Trips Photo Gallery: Best Sky Trips Night Experience | Evening Sky Tours, LLC

With no city lights to pollute the sky, Yosemite is a great place to see the milky-way in the night sky:)

From Little Green Men to Big Green Galaxies

Aquarius (constellation) - The Green Bean Galaxy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Nebula of Stars and Colorful Gas - Long, Tall, Vertical Pins Trifid nebula in Sagittarius.

colorful space

Rare Explosion May Have Created Our Galaxy's Youngest Black Hole

No nearby advanced civilizations, astronomer says 9/15/15 the July announcement of a big new SETI initiative, Netherlands astronomer | Artist's concept of the activities of a Kardashev Type III civilization, according to ASTRON. Image via Danielle Futselaar / ASTRON

A proposed new classification system - somewhat like the well-known Kardashev scale for classifying extraterrestrial civilizations - and a new way of thinking about human sustainability on Earth.