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Magnet Space Space that Attracts Users

Magnet Space - Space that Attracts Users

Engaging Workspace with Technology

Whether intended or not, workspace planning and furniture decisions greatly impact workers’ abilities to use their technology and, thus, work effectively.

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Why Company Culture Matters in the Workplace

Proportional Planning for the Adaptable Workplace

Describes a new approach to office design called proportional planning, a model that links planning to the predominance of particular work styles within the workspace.

Space Syntax Configures Workplace for Collaborative Interaction | www.tradelineinc.com

Space Syntax Configures Workplace for Collaborative Interaction

Shaping the Dynamic Workplace

At Knoll our approach to research is grounded in seven decades of working with our clients. We seek to listen, share and apply what we learn to each client engagement.

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Five Principles for Promoting Acoustic Comfort in the Workplace

Generation Y Is the Digital Native a Myth

This paper debunks the conventional wisdom that Generation Y - the digital natives - are fundamentally better than other generations at using technology.

The Metrics of Distributed Work

This study includes a return on investment (ROI) model showing substantial cost savings and improved space utilization for Distributed work space.

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Managing Workplace Change: A People-Based Perspective Infographic | Workplace Research | Resources | Knoll

A visual summary of the Knoll Research paper "Managing Workplace Change: A People-Based Perspective.

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To capture what drives and influences the energy workplaces of today, Knoll researched