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While I agree with the sentiment, I just love that Carl Winslow is the officer used lol

I am so not dignifying your passive agressive messages with a response. Got more than enough fucktards to deal with without your sorry ass on my radar.

Get a life sweetheart. You already tried to take mine but that was never even close to a possibility. MOVE ON AND GROW UP.

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God made some police officers perfect the rest he put on firetrucks.

God bless our cops

FEARFUL* *How you would feel if your community wasn't protected by the police. GRATEFUL* *How you should feel knowing the police risk their lives to protect yours. by Whole Truth Project

Haha! The last is my favorite. Just turn on the police scanner once in a while :-)

What cops really do. My son is a police officer and sent me this funny graphic.

Every time!

Trying to eat lunch? Allow me to play the song of my people.