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You came into my life unexpectedly. And I fell in lives with you unexpectedly.


Here we celebrate images of TRUE LOVE & ROMANCE in photography, sculptures and paintings.

Why can't you just accept me for who I am? Nobody wants to marry somebody who intends to change their entire identity. Don't change me, cherish me!

You shouldn't feel alone when you have someone #heartbreak #lonely

Of all emotions, this can be the worst. I am sorry. We both feel it right now and our friendship is starting to break. That has always been our foundation. I regret ever making you feel alone. I am here.

My mindset! #Goals

My mindset! #Goals

Not Mine, but Good to remember

It's a constant battle with oneself to quit these things. It's easier said then done, obliviously, but you have to remember to keep going. Never give up.