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Beam me up, Scotty! Still amazing despite this was never actually said in the original series.
This listing is for a baby onesie with Beam Me Up Daddy and a Star Trek Logo on it as shown in the photo. The text and logo will be in black
Beam me up, : I could do with one of these , tv is doing my noodle in !!                                                                                                                                                      More
Beam Me Up Scotchie: 10 Star Trek-Themed Cocktails to Get your Party Started
New party member! Tags: star trek simon pegg scotty anton yelchin omaze star trek beyond chekov beam me up to boldly go toboldlygo beam me up scotty
With names like "Beam Me Up Scotchie" and "Phasers on Stun Punch", there's no possible way to go wrong if you mix these at your next "Trekker" party... unle
Beam me up Scottie - Star Trek Scottie. This so appeals to the nerd in me
The original Star Trek....a life requirement...LOL.  I don't go to conventions don't worry....but I did love the show:)P
Beam Me Up, Crafty: 15 Quirky Star Trek Finds on Etsy