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Bill Shatner in White Comanche (Rio Hondo), Shatner plays both a cowboy and an Indian in this Western.

Chief Reynard Faber, of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, is the great-grandsom of Apache Chief Geronimo.

Pinner:: A photo of Chief Reynard Faber of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. He is also the great-grandson of Apache Chief Geronimo.

"The Souls of Black Folks" by W.E.B Dubois (1903) .... I this on kindle and in print twice!

50 Books That Every African American Should Read

Chief Quanah Parker with W. C. Riggs at a Fat Stock show in Ft. Worth, TX, no date.

The last great Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and W. Riggs, Fat Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas 1909 by SMU Central University Libraries

quanah parker 1845 1911 quanah parker a member of the comanche tribe ...

Peta Nocona (died was a chief of the Comanche band Noconi. He led his tribe during the extensive Indian Wars in Texas from the to He was the son of the Comanche chief Iron Jacket and father of chief Quanah Parker.

Frank Albert Rinehart (1861-1928) è stato un artista americano famoso per le sue fotografie che ritraggono personaggi nativi americani, in particolare i capi e i membri delle delegazioni che hanno partecipato al Congresso Indiano 1898 a Omaha.  Le fotografie sono state realizzate con una fotocamera 8 x 10 pollici su lastre di vetro.

Attendees of the 1898 Indian Congress [Two Little Braves, Sac & Fox] by Boston Public Library. So adorable, and yet so tragic. Their braids have been cut which probably means they are students in a reform school.

Quanah (aka Fragrance, aka Quanah Parker), the son of Tahconneahpeah (aka Peta Nocona) and Nadua (aka Someone Found, aka Cynthia Ann Parker) - Comanche/EuroAmerican - before his death in 1911

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker later in life. He left behind many descendants - all proud of their heritage, myself included.

Bull Shoe's children

Bull Shoes Children, two small indian girls. 1910 by Edward S. Curtis loose hair, one wearing buckskin dress decorated with elks' teeth, one wearing beaded cloth dress.