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Chris Hemsworth(thor)

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he is ridiculously delicious

Chris Hemsworth :) i love when celebs aren't too cool to make funny faces:) Plus every one of those pics he looks GORGEOUS!

Chris Hemsworth Wants To Be More Than A Piece Of Meat! — Why, I ask. We carnivores are not complaining.  ;)

Chris Hemsworth - God, he's gorgeous. I'm fairly sure I've pinned this before but, honestly, who cares. You can never get too much Hemsworth.


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Chris Hemsworth: No more words are needed! I just want him to do all the talking!

Chris Hemsworth: I think us ladies also need something to drool over on

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is adorned with sapphire eyes, a great smile and is the personification of Marvel's Thor.

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the star of Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman. He is known for his long, chin-length blonde hair. Here he is seen attending the BAFTA awards in London. Hemsworth in character

Chris Hemsworth

I need to find out what they put in the water in Australia that produces these gorgeous men!