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Mason jar rack - super handy if you do a lot of canning, or easy set-up at a farmer's market, or scale it down for space saving at home.

Methodical Mason Jar Hangers - These Rustic Pieces of Decor Make it Easy to Organize Your Goodies (GALLERY)


DIY: How to Organize your Refrigerator - lots of easy tips on how to keep your fridge organized, cleaner and more efficient - via First Home Love Life

As a former purchasing and logistics professional, I take a different approach to purchasing food for the homestead. Learn some tip and tricks to save you time and money while enabling you to keep a well stocked pantry year round.

Discover simple and effective strategies that save money and build food security. Learn how to stock a pantry like a pro!

how to organise old baby clothes - Google Search

18 Easy Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Clean Even Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

Print baby clothes sizes on paper/cardstock & stick inside clear bin for easy identification (labels won't fall off) in storage. Colour coordinate the labels according to gender. - Great idea for any home storage boxes (Seasonal, Keepsakes, etc)

pantry idea.  I could convert mine to this.  Very accessible.

Organization: Pull out drawers - would be great for any closet, not just the pantry: crafts, clothes, household cleaners, etc.

Amazing garage/workspace organization ideas!!! via Newly Woodwards

Amazing garage/workspace organization ideas!!! via Newly Woodwards

Whole foods for eating a clean diet! Healthy fruits and veggies!

You’ve Got to Clean Out the Kitchen! Again! -

Food prep and fridge organization - working on making my fridge look like this

7 Smart & Lovely Ways to Organize Your Countertops — Organizing Ideas

7 Smart & Lovely Ways to Organize Your Countertops

"Coffee /Tea Station" Ideas ~ can put inside a cabinet (near your coffee maker) to avoid counter clutter.

Frozen Food - How Long Food Lasts in the Freezer - Thrillist

How Long Your Food Actually Lasts in the Freezer

A handy chart to show you how long it remains at optimal flavor with the help of the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service's FoodKeeper. Print it out, stick it to the fridge with magnets, and never eat a freezer-burned sausage again.

Drawers and shelves and crispers, oh my. With so many compartments in your refrigerator, how are you supposed to know where to put anything? Simple. By checking out this fridge organization cheat sheet. From shelving ideas to drawer organization, it tells you all the right places to put your groceries so they stay fresh longer and fit seamlessly in your fridge.

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