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""You are a lion’s cub, Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness—who dares to rouse him?

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Cutegreggator: Baby Versions Of Dangerous Animals

Lions Vs. Tigers: REAL King of Beasts

Lions Vs. Tigers: REAL King of Beasts

Fierce fighting between the lions King of the Jungle and various animals.


Lions and Lionesses are filled with Love & Might and represent everything a true King and Queen should be!

Who would not spare, the young, the sleep 'he' needs? Would you remove the-part of your body which 'he' uses as a pillow, and waking 'him' at the same time? Regrettably, there are the Sadistic, especially in Family Law cases, who would spare the young absolutely nothing, not even a time to have sleep when 'he' needs.

Big Mama Cat with a Big Paw, the perfect place for her Cub to rest her head for a Cub Nap. More cute baby animal pictures at source.


This is the most beautiful picture of a Lion I’ve ever seen. This is my new phone background

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Forever love, lions Don't you just love it when you have found your one true love King meets Queen. In the jungle the Mighty Jungle.

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A lion's work hours are only when he's hungry; once he's satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together.