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How is there any indecision or dishonesty? So remind me again how it's indecision on my part?

this is what I mean.. when I say you bring out the better version of myself.

Such a beautiful compliment. My wish is for everyone to have someone in their life that makes them feel this way.how wonderful it is!

So absolutely totally and completely true

So absolutely totally and completely true and the number one sign that my estranged husband is NOT my soulmate because he runs straight to his dusty stable in a matter of hours.

T i c k i n g  C l o c k // Beau Christopher Taplin

A thing doesn't need to be forever for you to know it mattered. // my brand new book Buried Light is available via the link on the home page xo Love Beau


“hope ya'll finding some time for yourselves this weekend. xo // my books Playing With Fire and Hunting Season are available via the link on the home page.

If only everyone felt that way.  It seems some people would rather make threats and be coddled and lied to just so they can have their way, rather than just deal with the truth and get on with their lives.  It's too bad they have no respect for themselves or the person they claim to care about.

Never ever lie to an INTJ Female. We will find you and make sure you never do it to us again.