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The Edwards' home in Springfield where the Lincolns were married.  MARRIED - In this city on the 4th instant, at the residence of N.W. Edwards, Esq., by Rev. C. Dresser, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Esq., to Miss MARY TODD, daughter of Robert Todd, Esq., of Lexington, Ky.  Announcement on page 3 of the Sangamo Journal, November 11, 1842 (published on Fridays).

The home where Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. The home belonged to Mary's…

With friends remember knowledge is power for now on with the show the UN's commission on narcotic drugs is meeting this week in Vienna Austria for its 58th annual session delegates from nations.

Around the world are meeting to discuss drugs and drug policies and to prepare for the UN Gen. assembly special session on drugs coming up in 2016 events in the United States and Uruguay.

Anti-LGBT Groups Celebrate Trump's Ban on Transgender Citizens Svg in the US Military | SPLC | "In a series of Tweets Wed morning from his personal Twitter acct, Pres Trump stated that 'the US Govt will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to srv in any capacity in the US Military.' Anti-LGBT groups, including hate groups who've advocated for this policy, celebrated the announcement." Click to read & share.

Each year, the Southern Poverty Law Center, of which I am the president, compiles and publishes a census of domestic hate groups.

Keswick '15 - John Risbridger 1: Drawing Lines - Distinctive Faith in an Alien World. Daniel 1-2 Although Daniel is one of the Old Testament Prophets, his daily work was as a Civil Servant in the Babylonian Empire which conquered Jerusalem. We meet him and his friends as they begin to work out what faithfulness to God looks like in a pagan, unbelieving society. How can they serve Babylon without selling their souls to Babylon?

Clayton TV - Keswick - John Risbridger Drawing Lines - Distinctive Faith in an Alien World

It's part of a bigger crackdown against civil society.

Russia labels ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ as extremists and tries to ban them from the country

Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday banned Jehovah’s Witnesses from operating anywhere in the country, accepting a request from the justice ministry that the religious organization be considered an extremist group.

The roots of our country's trade unions extend deep into the early history of America. Printers were the first to go on Strike in 1794 for shorter hours and higher pay.

Social Studies Help Center - This page lists the "class notes" for an American History syllabus. Great resource of outlines of main points to focus on when learning parts of American History.

YA FIC KIN - Glory is graduating high school, but has no idea what to do next.  Glory and her best friend, Ellie, start seeing visions of pasts and futures of the people around them and the future isn’t good. Both have to decide what their own futures hold.

In this masterpiece about freedom, feminism, and destiny, Printz Honor author A. King tells the epic story of a girl coping with devastating loss at long last--a girl who has no idea that the future needs her, and that the present needs her even more.

Remember, there is a national tobacco law   By Nojeem Adetuberu      Like every other law, the enforcement of NTCA is imperative. Part XI ...

Remember, there is a national tobacco law By Nojeem Adetuberu Like every other law, the enforcement of NTCA is imperative. Part XI .

This is the government house. Peru's government is a Unitary State.

American civil society organizations are backing Peru’s bid to host in The launch of the joint declaration coincides with a pending decision about who will host at the latest meeting of the UNFCCC currently underway in Bonn, Germany.

Paul Cuffee (1759 -1817) was an American Quaker of Aquinnah Wampanoag and African Ashanti descent. Cuffee built a lucrative shipping empire and established the first integrated school in Westport, Massachusetts. Cuffee often preached at services of the multi-racial Friends Meeting. In 1813, he donated most of his money to build a new meetinghouse. He helped establish a society to support a colony of freed slaves, resettled from the US to Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone. More of his story at…

Captain Paul Cuffe, of Native American and African American descent, was an early supporter of mass emigration of African Americans to Sierra Leone and Haiti. Engraving in 1812 from a drawing by Dr. John Pele of Bristol, England