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Who else wants to run their hands over this beautiful wooden kitchen? If you love the beauty of natural wood, but hate the destruction of our natural world, Kebony wood is the perfect choice for you. Kebony wood, unlike tropical hardwood, is harvested sustainably, and treated with a bio-based product from the sugar trade to create a durable, beautiful product that behaves just like hardwood! To find out more visit Image by William Duff Architects Inc

Created by UID Architects, this contemporary masterpiece is located in Tamano, Okayama, Japan and aptly titled “Pit House.” This custom Japanese home may seem completely circular from the inside, but on the exterior this residence looks to be a standard rectangular abode floating just above the ground. The lower level is actually where the “pit” part comes in at–the kitchen and other public spaces being eye-level with the ground. Image credit:

Take a look at this fabulous treehouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's situated in Portland, Oregon and it’s a celebration of the natural environment that surrounds it. You know how much we love treehouses here at Kebony - and we love trees too which is why we create sustainable products that don't harm the rain-forest. Picture credit:

Steve Blanchard carves some of the most impressive fairytale wooden homes. Mixed with rustic motives and wildlife models, the creativity exhibited by Blanchard is awe-inspiring. Image credit: blanchardwoodsculpture

This eco friendly Swiss hobbit home by Peter Vetsch has a decked floor - we'd love to that one in Kebony! Image credit: #hobbithome, #ecohome, #swisshome :) making an experiment how it could become possible sharing a non-stop auto-post viral link inter-connected on any social media platforms. Modern Parisian Apartment's Hardwood Floor Seamlessly Doubles as a Kitchen Table - My Modern Met (2016):