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Their wings are so delicate you would wonder they could give them flight. Just amazing.

Dragonfly beauty


Dragonfly beauty a photograph of a star forming, courtesy of Hubble… The Cassini spacecraft took this view of Saturn’s moon Dione in October.

DF_Wings_by_vw1956stock-500x844.jpg (500×844)

♈ Dragonfly Versailles ♈ dragonflies in art, photography, jewelry, crafts, home & garden decor - Dragonfly Wings

Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

Top 14 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

Luminous turquoise butterfly, mettalic translucent looking wings. Beauty by nature

Dragonfly! This site has lots of interesting ideas on recycling in the garden. Some of them I even like! :)

Dragonfly, picnic with my Aunt Stephanie at the pond.

Diamond dragonfly

Sparkling Dragonfly- Be Free and Sparkle On - ~LadyLuxury ~


Blue Dragon A dragonfly alights on a flower. The four-winged predators can catch their insect prey only while flying. If dragonflies cannot fly, they perish.

this wing looks like 'diamonds on a wing Wow

This is macro photography, I think this is really good because you get the simple shapes of the butterfly wing and it is really relates to the circle of life because catapilerss grow in to be butterflies.