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This integrated cooking and eating set is reconfigurable for everything from 2-person backpacking to 4-person car camping. The GSI Pinnacle Camper fits a lot of utility into an ultralight and compact and light package.

5 Secrets for Handling Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Camping with a baby is an adventure! Click through for a full packing list and tips on the best gear, plus some hacks that make camping out with a baby totally doable.

Ask Taryn: What to Wear for Winter Hiking

What to wear for winter hiking (and snowshoeing too!) Lots of it is stuff you probably already own!

Scrubba Wash Bag - The Pocket-sized Washing Machine

The Scrubba Wash Bag: a compact washing machine that fits in your pocket and requires no electricity!

Incubator 20 Underquilt by Hammock Gear. Amazing ratings. fits into small stuff sack. Takes up very little room compared to other underquilts. and light weight.

Warm weather is coming and that means spending plenty of time outdoors. Whether you're doing more camping, lounging around the beach, or simply hanging out at in nature, you'll need something to sit and lie on during those times you're just chilling on the sidelines. And while lounge chairs, hammocks, and similar outdoor gear should do the trick, our hangout offers what might be a more interesting alternative. Designed for ease of use, our inflatable lounger packs into a compact bag when…

Camp Champ: A Kitchen In A Trunk

Campers are always looking for new ways to streamline and consolidate their gear. In the camping world, things are smaller, have multiple uses and fit neatly into tight spaces. The Camp Champ and its components fit this mold. Camp Champ packs a kitchen's worth of cooking equipment into a stylish wooden trunk.

How to Make PVC Ice Packs for Coolers

When camping, tailgating or going on a picnic, keeping food and drinks chilled is top priority. Instead of using ice, which melts and creates a slushy mess, make your own ice packs using PVC pipe. This is a more efficient method for transport and cleanup: