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There have been nearly 3000 Gods so far but yours actually exists. The others are silly made up nonsense. Yours is real.

Tarot spread for connecting with your spirit guides.

The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation has actually successfully sued “competing” charities, because

Who do you know has the power? Answer these questions?

Flash Collectives Conceived by legendary artist, writer and activist Avram Finkelstein, the Flash Collective is a new paradigm in political art-making, in which a small group of people gathers for a.

Tin Man Yoga - otherwise known as exactly how I feel in yoga class

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Fotos da cronologia - Às 9 no meu blogue

Fotos da cronologia - Às 9 no meu blogue

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Sigil Athenaeum - One for people to tell the truth

amayalynmelendez said: One for people to tell the truth Answer: “People are always truthful to me” sigil Requests open again on Saturday