In Oklahoma City, OK's Capitol on 28th building, 422 square foot micro units offer a simple yet luxurious living space.

We feature 50 studio apartment plans in perspective. For those looking for small space apartment plans, your search ends here.




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Open Loft Floor Plan of Property Cobbler Square Loft Apartments. Luxury apartment living with resort-class amenities in Old Town Chicago.

Apartamento tipo 1k

bogdanseyebrows: “smallrooms: “ 1 bedroom apartment floorplan ” okay guys so! it turns out that I like floorplans like this a lot — and so I’ve started the excitingly-named with this.

Ultra modern garden house, really bringing the outdoors inside. Great elevations!

enochliew: “ Garden Complex by On Design The firm has produced a number of models exploring experimental concepts.


Similar to the apartment above, you'll find the same luxury amenities that give this apartment charm, as well as a unique balcony space that's perfect for perching on with a good book.

8 modern 3d floor plans (5)

Free lay-out design for house. three bedroom free lay-out design. remodel your house with this free house design.