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Gone with the Wind - gone-with-the-wind Photo

The scene where Bonnie Blue Butler, tragicly is killed, is the beginning of the end. -- Fellow pinner wrote: "Cammie King who played "Bonnie Blue Butler" in Gone with the Wind .

Cammie King from Gone With the Wind.

Cammie King as Bonnie Butler sits on her pony in Gone With The Wind.

Cammie King in her role of "Bonnie Blue Butler" in Gone With the Wind (1939)

Cammie King Conlon, better known as the little girl who played Bonnie Blue Butler Scarlett and Rhett's daughter in GWTW.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Cammie King as his daughter, Bonnie.

"Gone With the Wind" - Clark Gable & Cammie King Conlon. In the movie, Bonnie Blue Butler was her daddy Rhett Butler, little girl

Taking Baby Bonnie out for a stroll

Strolling with baby Bonnie, Scarlett & Rhett Butler I'm Gone With the Wind

Cammie King as Bonnie Blue Butler in 'Gone With The Wind'. "Mommy!  Daddy! Watch me! We're watching, darling. You're mighty pretty, precious. I'm going to jump. I don't think you ought to do any jumping yet, Bonnie. You just learned to ride side saddle. I will so jump."

Cammie King as Bonnie Blue Butler in 'Gone With The Wind'. "Daddy Daddy watch me watch me! I'm going to jump!