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I went to McDonald's today and ordered a Happy Meal.

I went to McDonald's today and ordered a Happy Meal the guy asked me if I wanted a "boy toy?" I smiled and said "honey, you're too young to apply for that job.

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Free and Funny Family Ecard: I've got PMS, OCD, and ADD. I want to cry and look pretty while I kill everyone, but I can't focus on that right now, I'm cleaning.

Just saying

Just saying

All I want to do is read!" *deepthroats 4 guys named Kyle, goes to a Skrillex concert* (Submitted by

If celebrities were regular people, LOL

This is so random lol Celebs as ordinary people // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I tried to read the german parts without shouting. I was unsuccessful.

Oh, my goodness - I am laughing in a terribly obnoxious way. A Collection of "Language Differences" memes.or, "Language Differencies", if one is to be exact.

Broccoli ninja sounds cool to me! When am I going to see Broccoli ninja under my mashed potatoes?

Pregnant and need cheering up? We’re often sent pregnancy memes that make us laugh, wince or nod along with. Here are some the funniest, silliest (and in some cases, the most accurat…

Entertaining Pictures That Will Make You Smile

Entertaining Pictures That Will Make You Smile

Old People Humor

Funny cartoon - How fights start - Funny Pictures & Funny jokes

Sandwich Thief - ♡♡♡ Freaking hysterical! I think I may have already pinned this but if you read nothing else today - READ THIS!!!!

Dump A Day The Sandwich Thief Isn't Who You Think - 15 Pics.So funny! Wish the sandwich owner had a better sense of humor