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PULP ART BOOK (by neil △ krug)  A creative collaboration between supermodel Joni Harbeck and photographer Neil Krug for upcoming PULP ART BOOKS.MAHAULEPU SERIES

Pulp Art by Neil Krug Photographer: Neil Krug Model: Joni Harbeck Date: March, 2011

"The Brass Halo" Robert A. Maguire Vintage Pulp Art Illustration | Female-Centric Pulp Art | Sugary.Sweet | #Pulp #Art #Illustration

Dangerous woman in red by Robert Maguire Cover art for The Brass Halo, Femme Fatale

Gravity ;The Wolf of Wall Street ;American Hustle ;Argo ;Django Unchained ;Inception ;The Dark Knight ;The Departed ;The Aviator ;Finding Nemo ;Kill Bill: Vol.1 ;Black Hawk Down ;Ocean’s Eleven ;Gladiator ;American Beauty ;Good Will Hunting ;Se7en ;Forrest Gump ;Pulp Fiction ;Jurassic Park ;Schindler’s List ;Ghostbusters ;Scarface ;E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ;Raiders of the Lost Ark ;Close Encounters of the Third Kind ;Taxi Driver ;Jaws ;The Godfather ;2001: A Space Odyssey ;Lawrence of…

Color Palettes From Famous Movies Show How Colors Set The Tone Of A Film

33 Famous Movie Stills Broken Down Into Palettes: Gravity The Wolf of Wall Street American Hustle Argo Django .


Trash, Sleaze, Camp, Horror and Cheap fun since I also make music as part of the Lo-fi duo Mall Ghosts.

Richie Fahey it...

Aperitif 7000 Clams Colt by New York City photographer Richie Fahey who paints…

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Coen: Illustrations by Oliver Barrett Awesome illustrations created by Oliver Barrett for Spoke Art’s “Quentin vs. Coen”, an exhibition celebrating characters from films by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers.

Works by photographer Neil Krug from the Pulp Art Book Volume One, a creative collaboration between model Joni Harbeck Alexander & Neil Krug.

Photographs from the Pulp Art Book Volume One

lovely moon, you’re lonely and you’re blue, it’s kind of strange the way you change, but then again we all do too” – Devendra Banhart image by neil krug.

Reluctant crime solver hero. Tough detective with an intellectual, ironic twist.

This image has used a film noir style by using black and white and casting shadows over the figures face as well as using a detective or gangster theme like most film noir films.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark by

Tribute to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Drawing and manipulation with photoshop Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Vampirella by Mark Texeira

Vampirella by Mark Texeira