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All of the new Percy Jackson covers im not to fond of them.

All of the new Percy Jackson covers im not to fond of them.<<<<<< I do like the spine though.

Hahahaha Art by: Cindersart.tumblr.com omg this is not percy jackson appropriate lol

Resultado de imagen de pjo hoo fan art I love all of their faces. Nico is in awe and frank is like 'what the heck' and Jason, Percy, and Leo look horrified

I laughed harder than I should have<<< LEO NO THROW IT BACK THOER TPI SBACK!!!!! <<< Yeah, Leo, you miiiiiight want to throw it back....

Percy: what is that? Is that blue pizza? Annabeth: *looks at pizza* gods, we're both hallucinating.let's get some more firewater percy. Percy: but pizza.

I couldn't stop laughing! XD Heroes of Olympus x Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Heroes of Olympus/Avatar the Last Airbender crossover I'm laughing so hard


Yes, this is supposed to be about Percy Jackson, but until I get to the last picture, I just see TARDIS blue food! The two fandoms can bond over their love of blue.<<< I can just imagine Annabeth scolding Percy for having so much junk food

No more cliffhangers

Rick gets 4 points. Love his strategy for avoiding cliffhangers. Even Uncle Rick hates Octavian. he loves Oreos. he is taking a fangirling class :) hdudjndhc

harry potter and percy jackson combined. I LOVE IT.

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter cross over, oh Percy XD

Cabins>>> comment which cabin you are in, I'm in 13 (Hades)<<<<I am in the Poseidon cabin

Cabin numbers in camp half blood. Did you realize that number ten is highlighted?<<<Did you realize that number thirteen is Hades m, and thirteen is the most unlucky number ever.