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Caregivers of loved ones often experience burnout. Find out how you can reduce stress

New reports from Research and Markets outline a bright future for improving medical innovation across the globe, particularly in certain regions.

Hundreds of millions have been spent to convince people that forcing corporations to give fair insurance is wrong. Not being able to cancel you if you get sick or not hike your rates because you are older are just some of the rules implemented under ObamaCare. It should be obvious to most that these new rules impact the profit of health corporations and they are lobbing heavily to repeal it.

20 Million Americans Gained Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

It should be obvious to most at this point that there are those that will lose billions and there are those that will finally stand a chance.

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The miracle of AntiOxidant Alkaline Water is slowly coming into the consciousness of Medical Doctors. You can produce Kangen water in your own home.

Blood pressure should be taken in both arms

The problem of low blood pressure is also known as Hypotension. Low blood pressure is a serious problem. Common causes of low blood pressure include low blood

How to use the FasciaBlaster™ (LumpBuster) to obliterate cellulite & loosen fascia! - YouTube

The FasciaBlaster™ is the only device on the market proving to break through fascia, the connective tissue that can cause unsightly cellulite as well as restrict blood flow and nerve supply

Great options at a fraction of the cost of a professional/medical device. $199 vs $699 plus have to be under medical guidance etc. I Tried 3 Kegel Trainers To Strengthen My Vag—Here's What Happened

I Tried 3 Kegel Trainers To Strengthen My Vag—Here's What Happened

4 Anti Aging Devices That Really Work And Take Years Off Your Looks

5 Anti-Aging Devices That Really Work And Take Years Off Your Looks

Vagina tracker … the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer can monitor pelvic floor exercise with real-time feedback.

KGoal: introducing the fitness tracker for your vagina

Minna Life is raising funds for kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer on Kickstarter! kGoal is an interactive training system for pelvic floor exercise.

Diabetes is growing exponentially, but the technology for monitoring and controlling it is still in the dark ages. Here's a promising new tech that is moving things in the right direction.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Anna Floreen and Bill Woods share the data from the bionic pancreas study. Take a look at this video and learn more!