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Cats In Boxes

Cats In Boxes I always do this for my kitties when I buy something in a box….. makes for lots of laughs!!!

simon’s cat box guide II

Simon's Cat - Simon's Cat's Box Guide No. 2, one of my favorite comics, they are all so true

I paid a hundred dollars for a used sofa to make my cats comfortable, but all they really wanted was their own EMPTY CARDBOARD BOX. Lesson learned ♥

Try Out My New Box?

Forget planking. All the cool kids are putting their cats in bread and taking pictures of them looking like little yeasty lions. "Breading" is a throw-back to the old Japanese "putting-food-on-rabbits" meme of the early viral web, but with a modern twist.

Cats. Cats on board RVs? Cats on board RVs are fine…really. We’ve been living on board with four people and two felines for over a year and no one’s dead just yet. We&#8217…

Calvin's "Bachelor Pad" is actually just a cardboard box that some books came in. He always rests his chin in that exact same place, giving us the perfect photo op. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club