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CAMPAIGN PRESENCE: #DDSharkWeek FACEBOOK: 1.4M Likes (The show. No page, group, or event seemingly with DD recognition.) TWITTER: (For most popular #DDSharkWeek 2014 Video Tweet) 152 Retweets, 276 Likes TWEETS FOR THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL: 2012: 1.6 million Tweets 2013: > 2.6 million Tweets (63% increase) 2014: ? REFERENCES:

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON EMAIL: - I am on Dunkin’s email list. I got one Shark Week announcement on July 30. Included a graphic, that was basically the same as the dry web site invitation. - Next emails sent me DURING Shark Week were NOT about Shark Week. (Aug 5: Grilled Chicken, Aug 7: K Cups, Aug 12: Rockin Prizes - not related to Shark Week) - Could it be one week is too short a time to really capitalize and get a sustained buzz?

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON SOCIAL / YOUTUBE: (from about Aug 15 to Sept 15) - A homemade video explaining how to download a DD/SW/Xbox avitar got 176 views. It expressed frustration in avatar download offer kept changing. Perhaps this could have drawn more Xbox audience had it been promoted and managed more strongly. - Xbox themed box video ad - 3K views - One video sponsor ad from Gillette Razor - 4.6K views. It seems DD and Microsoft did not take advantage of video potential.

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON SOCIAL / YOUTUBE: (from about Aug 15 to Sept 15) - YouTube search of #DDSharkWeek resulted in one talk show video - 50 views. No finds under Channels. - Dunkin’s FB video was not available on YouTube. On FB it got 35K likes, 457 shares - missed opportunity.

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON COMMERCE & APP: - Only commerce seen is on apps. - Dunkin App: No evidence of an commerce tie to SW. There is a link to FB & Twitter hidden in the “More” tab with no SW tie. Gift card is available. - Discovery App: Promotes Dunkin “Perks” gift card. It seems there is no tie in to the SW show, donut, or contest. - A limited time Shark Week Perks card would be nice! With an imprint of your selfie on the card. Or a way to gift a card to a friend with your selfie on…

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON WEB - DD BLOG: - DD blog is not mobile optimized. - Info on Shark Week is not compelling.

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON WEB: - I presume that Discovery & Dunkin home sites promoted the contest. I cannot find any evidence. - A dedicated web page for the campaign is: When the site is accessed via mobile, it runs slow, and you are encouraged to sign up for the free Discovery app (not a Dunkin). When selecting to view a winning selfie on the website using mobile, you are taken to Instagram or Twitter which is disorienting, especially if you are not a member.

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: ON SOCIAL / YOUTUBE: (from about Aug 15 to Sept 15) - Nerdist News video, critical of the science worthiness of SW - 36K views. This is probably not the “Average Joe” audience Dunkin’s representative is aiming for (see LeWeb reference), but is telling that a large “nerdy” audience is not being addressed.

MOBILE TOUCHPOINTS: HASHTAGS: On "Dunkin" does not even show up related to the hashtag #SharkWeek. Could Discovery and Dunkin made more of an effort to include #DDSharkWeek in ALL posts?