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A Portland Oregon Pro-Death ice cream store, (What’s the Scoop), is doing a fundraiser for Planned Murderhood.  They created a special flavor called ‘Taste of Victory’ that has red chunks of strawberry flesh. “Apparently this ice cream shop believes the taste of aborted babies is the sweet taste of victory,” one user said. “This taste …

Ice Cream Shop Serves Abortion-Inspired Flavor For Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

In the m0mEnT ~ G00d Pic ~

Barack is a man, politics aside, that I find very brave, dedicated and inspiring

Obama: No Negotiation On Debt Ceiling, No Special Treatment For Pentagon

President Barack Obama leads prospective Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney in three battleground states -- Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida - according to a new poll.

Repin if you agree: We're all more free when every American is treated equally under the law—no matter who they are or whom they love.

When people say they hate or are against President Obama, but they supposedly, support marriage equality, are pro-choice, and for woman's rights; I wonder if they even realize who the alternative was.

Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan, via YouTube.

Lady Gaga made an interesting revelation about Lucifer that many people have missed.

DEC. 24 - CHRISTMAS EVE - Columbus, Cook and President Truman

American Minute -It sounds complicated, but it is so accurate that the Gregorian Calendar is the most internationally used calendar today.

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