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Happy #VeteransDay! Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten!

Military Working Dogs, where would we be without them. God bless our Vets, our Troops and our MWDs ~

Military Working Dogs so true god bless them for all the do with loyalty and love

Military Working Dogs so true god bless them for all the do with loyalty and…

War Veteran walks proudly!

Thank you for your service soldier! important to understand about the Warrior Dog Foundation is that it was founded first and foremost to be there for retired Military Working Dogs in any capacity.

Tennis ball overload

BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER FOR A MILITARY DOG. Steven Olson and Military Working Dog Alex❠take a moment of happiness over an array of tennis balls. The Tactical Explosive Detection Dogs are calm and collected until they see a tennis ball. The balls, ne

Nothing like a dog and his Marine

Wounded Warrior Service Dog, with Marine. ///// This is the kinda stuff that makes me appreciate soldiers and animals so much at the same time! I agree whole heartedly ❤️

A soldier awakens from a nightmare only to be comforted by the pure unconditional love of his Service Dog. 24 dogs donated thus far! Love, Lucky.

Yes our heros come in many shapes and sizes. Dogs are heros as well. The man can be the dogs hero. The dog can be the mans hero. Either way anyone can be a hero. Put your mind to it!

Ah this is too cute!

Human, why are you trapped in my butt warming machine. Cat recognizes owner over video chat.