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I believe that parents who do not accept their child as they are and who often criticize and judge them along with spoiling, inadvertently create narcissists. The narcissist is basically covering up their own deep insecurities.

***Narcissistic Strategy: Look into background. Narcissists will generally have a privileged or troubled one, which explains behaviors.


Especially when the liar is egotistical, delusional, and extremely lonely. Fixated on someone she will never have because he thinks she is a nut job. Get a life. Putting it out there in the universe is not going to make it happen.

"Honey, we're tired of being hosts for a 30 year old man child. If you marry, you can do the same shit you do now, AND you get a wife on the side!" Best not pull that shit on me, you'll be out on your ass faster than you can cry, "misandry! "

The first part is painfully true. Ignore the second part that's so negative. If no one commented something shitty, bask in that miracle.

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So stinking true. The second I held him 100% accountable for his behavior is when the shit hit the fan.

Narcissist - Discard people when they no longer supply you. Occasionally bring some back when you can't find a new doormat. But everyone is disposable to a narc.