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Walks Part 1- Yodas | Kujo (Soul Control / Ill Abilities)

Details: In the and Walks were a pretty common yet difficult move to do. Now Walks are a lost art among bboys. Today Kujo breaks down the correct w.

How to Breakdance | Walks Part 2- Variations | Kujo (Soul Control / Ill Abilities)

Details: This tutorial teaches a number of "Walk" Variations. Here Kujo teaches how to do UFOS, Merry Go Rounds, Dead Mans, Guitar Heros, Side Walks and Scor.

How To Breakdance | Power Swipe

Details: A Power Swipe is a move that really helps you switch directions and can be used as a basis for other moves.

How to Breakdance | 1 Leg Patterns | Top Rock Basics - YouTube

Details: This Tutorial teaches how to get away from your fixed patterns and weaknesses and focus on dancing with just one leg. Make sure you practice this on.

Jitterbug dancers at a juke joint in 1939 - one of the dances that  shaped west coast swing dancing - photo from Library of Congress

Jitterbug dancers at a juke joint, 1939 - one of the dances that shaped west coast swing dancing. (photo: Library of Congress)

How to Breakdance | 4 Step | Footwork 101

How to Breakdance I 4 Step I Footwork 101 Details: This Tutorial teaches one of the basic footwork steps called the 4 step is a circular footwork ste.

How to Breakdance | Sideways Worm Pt. 1

Details: This tutorial breaks down how to do the sideways worm. This is a move that requires very little strength but more so form. Practice makes perfect so.

How to Breakdance | Elbow Freeze

Details: The Elbow Freeze is a basic Freeze that you can use in your dancing. It is very similar to a hand stand so balance is key. Once you get the form dow.