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AUTHORHOUSE WRITING INSPIRATION Edgar Allen Poe was only 40 when he passed. He had already invented the detective fiction genre and cemented his place in literary history. We celebrate his birthday today.

Walk a mile in my shoes.

The saddest people quotes photography sky city people sad worthless. This is the best quote I have ever read and is my all time favorite.

Nobody will understand this beside yourself. People will says 'move on/ ignore him/her, get a life, start over etc etc etc'   If you having this situation now, just Pray to God.. Talk to Him, cry out loud and comfort your heart. *hugs*

Broken heart quotes and poems for sad people who have been cheated and got their heart broken. We have best collection of heartbroken quotes and SMS Messages.


Some days I just sit and remember. Sometimes I sit and remember all the good times we had, all the laughs we shared, all the times you made me happy when i was sad. I Love you and i will never forget you.

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 I got hurt. Really hurt. And sometimes when that happens, something inside me shuts off.

The fear of being alone 101

It can't shut off soon enough. this pain, I can't numb. This feeling, won't go away. If you say you love me, help me kill this pain you made me feel

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Hahahahaha. And when you realise it, I'll be long gone and it will be a cold day in hell before I decide to come back.

Maybe in the future you'll see me and apologize for your mistakes and how stupid you were, and you'll want me back but I'll say "fuck you , I was worth it " . Cuss I am worth it ;

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Have faith…. "Surrender to what is Let go of what was Have faith in what will be," - Sonia Ricotti

I'm done. Nobody can deal with me and everyone hates me. I don't care if I'm being dramatic, I've had more than I can take. All I do is cry about how fat I am. I'm getting skinny again.

I'm done. You can keep on with ur pinning stuff and saying im a bitch I don't care im done with you and done with him you cause me alot of pain I don't care about ur bullshit any