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Fairy tale/alice in wonderland

Left to right it reminds me of Jeb, Red Queen, Alyssa and Morpheus. Fairytale crossover Alice in wonderland

AWWWWW!!! I didn't even notice that before!!! So sweet Natsu!!! <3 NaLu forever!!!!! :D

I love this moment when Natu gives Lucy his cloak after they return from Edolas in Fairytail

Lucy and Natsu kissing... almost! Fairy Tail

Lucy and Natsu kissing. - Did u notice Happy shipping Nalu 😂

Omg what is this he's so cute i just wanna hug him and kiss him and keep him to myself

Possibly the greatest thing of Natsu of all time <--- this is Nappy Dragneel, thank You Cana 😊